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Cuba Adventures by Road Scholar

All-inclusive learning trips designed for travelers age 50+!

No organization has sent more Americans to Cuba than Road Scholar. We have been leading global trips for more than 40 years. Our programs are all-inclusive educational vacation packages, not superficial tours. When you explore Cuba with us, you’ll have a deep, thought-provoking experience delivered by faculty experts on site.

Here are reviews from people who have taken our Cuba adventures…

This was a graduate course in ‘Cuba Today’ compressed into an 8-day crash course. It was a wonderful educational experience.”

- James from Norfolk, VA

I didn’t know Americans could go to Cuba before I learned about Road Scholar. I was excited just to be going to Cuba. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken. Cuba is a beautiful country. I gained a lot from the learning experiences, meeting Cuban people and hearing more about U.S. and Cuban relations from Cubans. Seeing the dance company, the school for art and music and dance, hearing the choir, meeting Cuban people in their homes, swimming in the Bay of Pigs, the beautiful architecture, the old cars, visiting the senior center and that is just some of what we did. Go to Cuba.”

- Mary from Wichita, KS

This program opened up a part of the world to me that I didn’t know existed. It provides food for thought about socialism and capitalism; about the history of Cuba and Cuban-American relations; it allows face to face interactions with people in a third world economy sustaining first world culture.”

- Carol from Bloomfield, CT

This program exceeded our expectations. Our group leaders, Frederica and Alicia, were knowledgeable, gracious, cautious regarding our safety, and lots of fun. I ate my way through Cuba, especially enjoying papaya and mojitos! The music experiences, both dance and vocal, were outstanding.”

- Vivian from Laguna Woods, CT

My wife and I agree that our trip to Cuba with Road Scholar was definitely one of the best travel experiences in our lifetimes. We thoroughly enjoyed interacting with our fellow Scholars and came away from the trip with a much deeper and better understanding of Cuban society and culture. Overall, the Road Scholar program was like a post-graduate course served with great food and entertainment.”

- Robert from Palm Harbor, FL

This was a life-changing experience. The days were packed with exactly what the program promised, a people-to-people experience. The Cuban people are loving and welcoming of the attention of American people. This opportunity is a two way street for human kindness and understanding.”

- Linda from St. Augustine, FL